Identity Validation Enabling Consumers and Organisations

IDmeta helps consumers authenticate their identity and organisations validate their customers, suppliers and employees via a pool of 7.5 million pieces of validated data and growing, from sources across the globe.


Our framework meets anti-money laundering (AML) requirements, includes digital enrolment verification, enables fraud protection, and is underpinned by know your customer (KYC) and document verification services (DVS).


We divide our identity validations into Compliance Merits and Financial Merits.

Compliance Merits

Government data

We extract and match ID document data with government records that fit your specified countries and government source requirements, across the 5 main variables to ensure authenticity.

ID Check

We will extract the 8 key values from each ID document if they are printed on the document, and check for the following – expiration, alteration, template matching, age, duplication, face-matching.


By allowing the user to upload a selfie IDMeta will verify that your candidate is a live human and the intended recipient of your commercial interaction.

AML Watchlists

Our AML watchlist merit checks your user against more than 1,200 international watchlists, sanctions lists, and politically exposed persons (PEP) lists to protect you from onboarding people who might be criminals, terrorists, money launderers, fraudsters, or PEPs.

Location Intelligence

We assist you to accurately locate your users across IP, VPN/Proxy, through GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks. By geo-fencing your applications we can allow you to specify the users in countries or cities that you allow to access your services or systems.

Financial Merits

Custom Document

Custom Document is a function that allows you to accept your pre-defined template documents for verification inside the tailored IDMeta verification framework.

Work Account

Verify employment and income by allowing your users to connect their work account data from gig platforms and large companies, which expands validation to allow casual or freelance workers to engage in loan processes, as an example.


This provides instant access (with user consent) to financial data stored within their employers’ payroll accounts so that you can verify their financial reputation. We also support a growing list of global payroll providers for third party validation.

Credit Check

Verify your user's credit history against indicators and validate with a credit score. Items such as open debts (for example, loans, credit cards), payment trends, and delinquency trends are included alongside demographic information such as age and gender.

Banking Data

Allows users to self-validate by sharing data stored within their bank account, including transaction history, balance, account, and identity information. This substantially expands our access to candidates across geographical boundaries.

Answering most of these common questions across the globe is often really hard as the available data is fragmented, leading to potentially costly manual validations or an increased risk profile. 


These questions can either limit transactions, or be solved by a solution, such as IDmeta. By collating over 7.5 million merits across the globe into a user friendly customisable framework, we create a trust matrix that both allows answers to the questions above and validates the parties involved.


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