Our current data set of over 7.5 million merits all have the following 3 properties

IDmeta Mapping Merits

Personal data

Each piece of data relates to an identifiable person

Recognised by IDmeta

We are able to perform double checks such as OCR to validate, recognise and categorise the information

Commercial application

The merits are of value in making establishing legal identity

Expand your ability to do business

Access hundreds of internationally accredited data sources to vastly extend your ability to know and identify any person and to reduce the risk of doing business.

Build your own IDmeta map

The right customers will be automatically captured with a tailored set of merits assembled by you.


Streamline your profiles for customers, employees, clients and suppliers for maximum risk mitigation.

Answering most of these common questions across the globe is often really hard as the available data is fragmented, leading to potentially costly manual validations or an increased risk profile. 


These questions can either limit transactions, or be solved by a solution, such as IDmeta. By collating over 7.5 million merits across the globe into a user friendly customisable framework, we create a trust matrix that both allows answers to the questions above and validates the parties involved.


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Contact IDmeta today to create your personalised framework, to enable higher levels of identification validation, and extend your trust framework.

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